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Hello friends!

Please follow the rules before confessing;

Submission Rules:

1. It must be a confession.
A mental health related confession is:

  • An admission of having done something embarrassing or hurtful
  • An open acknowledgment of feelings: a profession of emotions or beliefs such as love, loyalty, disappointment, sadness or gratitude
  • Sharing of current state of mind, feelings and hardships of coping

2. No names or contact information to be shared

3. Foul language or revelation of personal information will be edited. Though the integrity of message will be kept.

4. Please keep in mind this is a confessions page, not an opinions page. Political posts, religious views, racial discrimination of any kind, abuse, hate speech or threatening post or submissions will not be tolerated and submissions of such will NOT be posted and the user may be blocked.

5. Refrain from defamation, controversial topics and hurtful comments. Offensive or unverified topics are not to be discussed and will not be posted. This is not a place for heated debates! Be respectful to everyone.


Be assured that the page administrator and our team doesn’t see identifying information – just the latest confession.

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