Corporate Services

Mental Health issues are probably the most common yet least understood factors in a corporate setting. It is fairly common that mental health or stress levels can be a major source of difficulty within the workforce and only further enhances the likelihood of tension and conflict in the working arena.

Corporate Services
Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace and Leadership Workshop

The team of experienced psychologists at MetCouch have developed a Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace and Leadership Workshop for organisations. This is a two-hour presentation and guidance that can be tailored to suit the needs of the organisation.

Key objectives

  • To provide participants with a better understanding and greater awareness of common mental health conditions in the workplace.
  • To provide participants with effective and practical Leadership strategies to assist staff members who are experiencing a mental health issue.
  • To provide participants with tools to effectively manage stress.

MentCouch also offers a range of other workshops to assist employees with any issues arising in the workplace (e.g. workplace stress, work-life balance, improving communication, building resilience etc). We also have a range of workshops covering general mental health issues such as stress, anxiety, and improving relationships to name but a few. In case you would like to request a workshop tailored to your company’s unique needs, do write to us.

Employee Mental Health Screening

Mental Health Screenings are done in order to identify levels and presence of any mental health disorders in a working individual. Our mental health screenings include:

  • Assessment of Mood Disorders
  • Assessment of Anxiety-Related Disorders
  • Work-life Balance Assessment
  • Sleep Habits
  • Diet Habits
  • Full Written Report is included with every screening
Mental Wellbeing Screening

One of our unique and sought after services that is carefully curated by our MentCouch team in order to assess current state of life satisfaction of a working individual and to identify the specific areas that need improvement. This is different from a basic mental health screening as it focuses on “life satisfaction” and “quality of life” factors only rather than identification of specific disorders. Apart from wellness factors, this particular screening method also assesses levels of stress, job satisfaction and performance at work, which are vital indicators of enhancing workplace motivation and productivity.

COVID-19 Work Support Service

MentCouch provides a brief counselling and psychological consultation service for those experiencing the symptoms of Long Covid. The service is designed to support people to self-manage their symptoms and to support them with their return to work plans when ready.

There is a strong focus on adapting to a new illness that has significant symptoms affecting quality of life. Support is provided to address any psychological difficulties including isolation, fatigue, frustration and low mood.

Corporate Mental Health Talks

Talk Topics:


In case you would like to request a mental health talk tailored to your company’s unique needs, do write to us.

Psychoeducation and Email Support

If you are looking for easy but effective self-help materials for your workforce to self-administer at their own pace, this is the perfect option for your team’s mental wellness.

Platform : Email

Materials: Infographics and Interactive Quizzes

Process : An email consisting infographics on mental health topics alongside interactive quizzes would be sent to be forwarded to participants weekly. Interactive quizzes will be sent to keep participants engaged throughout the programme.

Outcome: Creates awareness on various mental health topics among participants.