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Children Screening

Mental Health Screening for Children

You’ve noticed some changes in your child or teen and you’re wondering if something is going on with them. Perhaps their teacher has mentioned something to you about changes in their behavior. Maybe they are having trouble focusing, has become too distant or too dependent, started acting out, crying, complaining of a stomach ache, showing self-harm or violence symptoms, changed eating/sleeping habits or having trouble making friends. Figuring out what is going on with your child can feel overwhelming as a parent. Where do you even start to try to figure out what is happening?

Children screening at MentCouch conducted by professionals can help you figure out what your child might be experiencing. The therapist will ask a series of questions to both parents and the child to explore various mental health concerns and plan a proper guidance recommendation. This service provides a general idea of what your child might be experiencing and can help you determine in which area your child may need help. This is crucial in order to understand their current state of mind and to plan the next step towards your child’s wellbeing.