Mental Health Screening For Employees

Mental Health Screening For Employees

Mental Health Screening for Employees

Even in the workplace, introducing a screening service to assess emotional and psychological issues would enable productivity. Individuals could receive immediate mental health treatment before their condition escalates. It can also be integrated into your HR policies.

Why mental health matters in the workplace

It is estimated that about one-third of those with a mental illness are employed. Majority of people with mental illnesses especially full time employed adults have never sought help from a mental health specialist for their symptoms. When left untreated, mental illness can be costly both to the individual and the workforce. Hence, a screening should be compulsory for every individual, especially an working individual.

How screening helps workplace mental health

Screenings are an effective way to reach employees who need help the most. Quality mental health programs for employees can reduce stigma, promote productivity, increase motivation and mindfulness, raise awareness, teach managers how to recognize symptoms and help organizations effectively assist employees who need support. From employee morale to the company’s bottom line, mental health can affect all areas of the workplace. When the mental health of one employee is prioritized, the entire organization will benefit.

Mental health screening is private and anonymous, cost-effective, quick, and accessible, and it provides information and encouragement for people to seek help early. 


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