Sponsor A Client

Help someone with a mental health problem

We recognise that mental health is just as important as physical health.

“Sponsor a Client” is a non-profit fundraising initiative by MentCouch Psychology Centre Kuala Lumpur, to give back to the less fortunate and high-risk members of the local community, who are unable to obtain mental health services due to financial constraints.

According to a report by NHMS (2015, 2017), B40* category families and student population are at high risk of mental illness in Malaysia. The said report also states that 50% of people/families (including children) with mental health concerns do not seek help because of concerns about cost. Hence, it is high time that we as a community get together so that every individual has access to mental health services just like healthcare services. While this might be challenging to achieve, we strongly believe even a small step towards a good cause is a step forward.

We thank you in advance for supporting MentCouch and enabling an individual towards greater mental wellbeing.

Or reach out to us for further information and other modes of payment:

* The B40 category is assigned to Malaysians in the bottom 40% household income range.