Wellbeing Services

Self-care takes practice, like athletes training for a match. In order for them to be at their best, they require a holistic approach to training regularly, even in the off-season. Similarly, all of us need to practice self-care in all aspects of our lives daily so that we can perform at our best. A good way to start is by assessing where you’re at this point and then making a plan to improve. Here, at MentCouch we help you to start that journey and guide you to keep going.

Affordable, Enjoyable and Effective
Wellbeing Services

Our Wellbeing Services are affordable, enjoyable and effective ways to deal with everyday stressors and a form of relaxation for everyone.

Under the guidance of a professional from MentCouch, you will :

  • Discover ways to nourish your spirit and increase your energy
  • Find comfort and peace of mind during times of stress and anxiety
  • Practice ongoing self care to improve your health and wellness
  • Enjoy!
Wellbeing Screening

Wellbeing is an essential component of excelling in life. Maintaining your wellbeing requires intentionality, reflection, and a commitment to choosing thoughts and behaviors that help you to be at your best. Most times it is difficult to identify these areas alone and that is when a professional wellbeing screening becomes vital.


Health is more than the absence of disease! In order to live a long, productive, and fruitful life, it is important to function optimally. To achieve optimal functioning one must:

  • Assess various areas of life and behavior
  • Identify the areas that need improvement
  • Create an effective living plan that promotes wellbeing

Wellbeing screening provides us with an overall look at our day-to-day functioning in terms of happiness, life satisfaction, mental and emotional health.

  • Life Satisfaction
  • Resilience
  • Happiness
  • Depression
  • Stress Levels
  • Longevity
  • Healthy behaviors
  • Mental and physical illness
  • Social connectedness
  • Productivity

And Many More…

  • It helps to improve quality of life by identifying stressors
  • It provides strategies to adopt and maintain healthy behaviors
  • It helps us to reflect on and determine what our goals and desires are and then put a positive plan into place to work towards achieving those desires, thus increasing happiness as well as motivation in life
Expressive Art Therapy For Everyone

Art therapy is a form of therapy predicated on the belief that artistic expression has the power to help us in healing, relaxation or simply in chilling out. They require no artistic background — in fact, the art is less about the final product, and more about the transformation that occurs along the way.

If you’re like most adults, you probably don’t express yourself with art as you did when you were a kid. You may not think you’re any “good” at creating art, or you may not think it’s worth your time, but art is actually a valuable pastime. There are many reasons that art is a great stress relief tool, even for those who don’t consider themselves artistically inclined. Whether you could give Vincent Van Gough a run for his money or can barely draw a circle, art is a fantastic way to reduce stress.

Results of a 2016 study published in the Journal of the American Art Therapy Association found that just 45 minutes of creative activity can reduce your stress, regardless of artistic experience or talent.

Have you ever been so engrossed in an activity to the point of being in a near-meditative state? If so, you might have been experiencing what positive psychologists refer to as flow. Similar to meditation, flow can lead to lower stress levels. Here, at MentCouch, we encourage everyone to take a time out from their daily life and emerge in a journey of self-expression or flow with our specifically designed expressive art therapies. IT IS FOR EVERYONE!

If you feel like bringing your friends or family along, you are more than welcome to do so. If you want to do it in complete solitude, it is your call. Our expert psychologists will guide the process and let you be.

If you want us to arrange an “art & bonding” session for a group of friends/colleagues, just get in touch. It is a low-cost way to bring your team/friends closer together and reduce workplace/general stress.